Monday, December 03, 2007

December 3

Got the Christmas card designed (and 10 printed before I ran out of the right paper) today. I feel like a bit of a slacker for creating a strictly-graphic card with no hand work this year, but I'm forgiving myself, because my Christmas list is still really long. Despite having been making gifts all year, I still have to:
~ Print, enscript, and address 50+ cards
~ Make a tree (we're not buying one, and I have an idea, and a bunch of branches ...)
~ Make 14 more gifts for Josh's colleagues, plus a half dozen for Lauren's teachers and special people
~ Knit a beanie, decorate a couple of boxes, make a stupid sock creature, a doorstop and a bag for my Aus contingent (these need to be mailed, oh, next week at the latest)
~ Plan (um ....) design and make gifts for Josh, Lauren, Ian and half a dozen girlfriends here
~ Make pyjamas for us all (Christmas Eve tradition)
~ Plan 4-6 days of meals for when family is visiting; cook ahead whatever I can.

Oh yeah, and study for final exams, and earn some money. While, of course, caring for a house and family. Yeah.

Christmas cards with no handwork are fine by me.


Julie Oakley said...

Well I think it's a beautiful design

didi said...

You know, if you wanted to live and grow old with your sister, you wouldn't have to do all this stuff. But wait, then you wouldn't have a fabulous HWG and gorgeous US family, you wouldn't live in a warm sunny clime, and you wouldn't have all these extra people in your life who love and adore and appreciate you. Hmmm, the cards ARE beautiful.

Scarlet Tanager said...

You better get busy! The card is lovely.