Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28

I've been fighting a cold; sadly, the cold is winning. It's therapeutic to sit and quietly hand stitch in between sneezes. Yes, I will wash the blanket before gifting it.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 21

Today's baby thought: nappy (diaper) bag.

This is Anna Maria Horner's Multi-Tasker Tote; it's a fabulous pattern. I made one for myself a while ago, and I find it really useful. I take it to work; it holds my regular handbag, my lunch bag, my kindle bag, my knitting bag, and anything else I load into it. I can always find my phone, iPod and keys because they're in the outside pockets. It occurred to me that this would make a wonderful nappy bag, so I created one today specifically for that purpose.

I actually have a spare copy of this pattern. When I ordered it, they accidentally sent two. I offered to return one, but Anna Maria said to give it away to a friend. Who would like it?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thinking about babies

The last few years have seen a population explosion in our family.

This cutie was born in 2007,

this pretty miss in 2008,

this cherub appeared three months early in 2009, and is now doing great ... and Baby Boy 2010 is currently incubating.

Hmm ... I might have to make three more of these.

February 20

A morning all alone. Slowly cleaned the kitchen, roasted vegetables, listened to This American Life, and recaptured my soul.

It was just what I needed.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 11

My feet are imprinted with my sister's knitted socks. I hoped the podiatrist would ask, but he didn't. Instead, he x-rayed my ankle and gave me a cortisone shot. Hopefully my 'chronic joint inflammation' will now heal.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nearly V-Day

After 14 years in the US, I still am not on board with the American idea of giving Valentines to your parents, children, friends and classmates. To me, Valentines are reserved for *lovers*. But flowers are welcome any day, so it was very lovely to come home to this early V-Day surprise from Lauren, paid for from her allowance. What a sweetie-pie.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

New Stove

Last weekend I emailed our lovely landlords, saying: "Something is wrong with our oven. It's always taken a long time to pre-heat, but now it's getting ridunkulous ... just now it took an hour to reach 325°. It's become impractical to use it unless I have a lot of time. Could you possibly get someone to look at it?" No problem, they said ... we'll replace it. And while we're at it, would you like one with two ovens?

Are you kidding me? The ability to roast vegetables and bake a pie simultaneously? Um .. yes please! Yesterday it arrived, and to celebrate I made *perfect* pizza in an oven that heated to 550°F in only 15 minutes.

:::happy dance:::

February 7

It's been five weeks since I put on the cape of single-motherhood, and the thing that has suffered the most has been my creativity. I just haven't had the mental space to be creative. I don't know how mothers of toddlers do it; how they snatch ten minutes in which to design and make. I need time and silence, to allow ideas to percolate. Right now I have Lauren and her friend at my back, waiting for the computer so they can shoot a music video, and I'm typing fast to get this posted then I'll abandon my studio again, to retreat to my bedroom with a sketchbook. No wonder I've been knitting; it hasn't required any thought. But I really miss the act of creation; I have to carve myself the space for it. Waiting till the end of April when Josh returns simply isn't going to cut it.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Mary Ellen Mark

Today Mary Ellen Mark came to our workplace to meet with the art buyers. A quiet invitation was sent to the print producers to come over and view her latest portfolio if we were interested. I am not easily starstruck, but I honestly felt it a privilege to hold her photos in my hands and speak with her. What an artist. I actually had to stop browsing after a while, because her images were just too heartbreaking. Back at my desk, I read an article about the Damm family and felt doubly privileged. I am so, so lucky.