Thursday, June 30, 2011

Half the year has gone

Pretty morning shadows
I caught golden hour at both ends of the day. Score.

7:30 AM I was in Century City to learn about how my decision to become a US citizen is going to affect my taxation status for the rest of my life. But first: pretty shadows.

Then, to celebrate a successful half-year, we were treated to a fancy dinner (at The Lobster in Santa Monica) by one of our vendors. This is my workmate Elke.
And this is Dena. Both these ladies are awesome to work with.
ForksWhile waiting for the food, I had the choice of staying in my west-facing seat and being blinded by the setting sun, or going outside and taking photos. Easy choice, duh.
Street entertainer
A couple of street entertainers were challenged to a dance-off by a pair of young guys. I so wish I'd shot video of the interaction; it was immensely entertaining.
I didn't even notice this spectator was holding a puppy until I processed the photo.
View of Santa Monica Pier
Back in the restaurant, I ate my delicious meal of Australian barramundi ("Up in the north/they eat barramundi/here in Australia/you'll never go hungry") but soon got antsy again and had to get back out there. Because that's what I do. I get back out there.
Santa Monica Pier
It's the end of June, and it seems I have survived.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My headlight was out. On my last Saab, I tried changing the bulb and found it very very fiddly and time consuming. I never managed to do the funky clip back up, and ended up putting a piece of tape on the back of the bulb to try to hold it in place. So this time, I went right to the experts at Swedish Car Center.
When Hakan popped the hood and reached his hand into the skinny gap behind the headlight, I told him I wanted to watch what he did so I could learn. He laughed. "It's really hard on these cars," he said, which made me feel less inept. If even a Saab mechanic thinks its hard, then it really much be tricky. And there just wasn't enough space to see what he was doing. Even he couldn't see; he did it by feel. And it took 30 minutes. So yeah, I don't feel so bad now.
Right next door is what used to be my favourite thrift store, when they had a large one in my neck of the woods. One of the workers there became unusually attracted to me over a period of time. He always called me Pretty Lady. I used to joke to Josh about it, referring to the guy as Javier. It turned out that his name really was Javier! And he was pretty devastated when he found out I was married. Sadly, they closed that branch down and the one here, near my mechanics, isn’t nearly as good. I wonder whatever happened to Javier …
I was pretty bemused by this mannequin sporting only a plastic necklace. Seems like a waste of a good body, ya know? She is severely underdressed, even for Venice Beach.
I hate gum
While Hakan fiddled with my headlights, I stood in a big blob of gooey gum. Those that have lived with me know that I have zero tolerance for gum. I freakin’ hate the stuff. And this is why.
Beverly Hills Hilton
After work I went to an industry event at the Beverly Hilton. These photos were taken inside the parking structure.
Beverly Hills Hilton
Pretty cool, huh?
Beverly Hills Hilton
I felt like such a celebrity when I walked back to the elevator and was greeted with this poster on the end wall. What, it’s not me they’re adulating?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mishe Mokwa Trail, Malibu

Ocean view
Our Lord's Candle (Yucca) flower
Pennee and I wore ourselves out. It was HOT. I am sunburned. Next time I do this hike, I'll start at 6:30 not 9:30 AM. Because, yes, there will be a next time. The Mishe Mokwa Trail is so very lovely.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


En route to lunch with friends (one very current, one from the middling past) in Burbank, I cruised through Griffith Park. I could take photos for days (and weeks) there. In an urban area like Los Angeles, it's quite the oasis. Much more than Central Park is for New Yorkers. Because here, it's way less built up. Ironic that the things I focused on were those that reminded me of gritty civilization.
EucalyptusWhat bug or bird makes such regular piercings?
Road to nowhere?
I was attracted to some rusty machinery above Mineral Wells. I love the 'road to nowhere' ....
My friends and I met at Porto's in Burbank. It's no surprise that this is a popular hangout. The prices are reasonable, the food is fine.
Yvette and Kathy
It was loud, but what do you expect in a focal meeting spot? Got a problem with that? Go walk down the street. So, after lunch, we did.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23

A random collection of images from the past 24 hours ...
Painting done last night.
After a little iPhone colour adjusting. Which version do you prefer?
printing press
Snaps taken while on a press check this morning.
Newspaper blackout
And look what I 'found' on the New York Times obituary page this afternoon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Camping trip, Day 2

Eastern Sierras in June
Eastern Sierras in June
After a leisurely breakfast of cheesy scrambled eggs, Canadian bacon, OJ and tea, we trekked an hour or two north to the town of Lee Vining on the shores of Mono Lake.
Tufa, Mono Lake
Doing her thing
The lake is pretty famous for its tufa formations. We wandered the shores and took some shots, then headed further north to the well-preserved ghost town of Bodie.
Bodie ghost town
Bodie ghost town
Bodie ghost town
Bodie ghost town
Bodie ghost town
Bodie ghost town
Bodie ghost town
As the afternoon progressed, we decided to head back to Mono Lake to quietly revel in 'golden hour' amongst the tufa formations.
Tufa, Mono lake
Tufa, Mono Lake
Then it was back up the mountain to our little orange tent to brave the ensuing wind storm ...
Sunset, high Sierras.
Sunset, reflected on car roof
... enjoying an awesome sunset on the way.