Saturday, March 29, 2008

March 29

Well I have had no time for crafting for the past week or more, but today Evie and I went for one of our exploratory walks, this time in Echo Park and Angelino Heights, an historical neighbourhood of Victorian homes built in the 1880s and, for the most part, beautifully restored and upkept. You can see all the photos here.

I am really enjoying my new job, even though it's removed any 'me' time from my week. Those of you following my reading progress on Goodreads will notice that my galloping pace of 3 books a week has stumbled and collapsed. That horse is now lame. My sewing machine is gathering dust. But maybe tomorrow, after shopping for groceries, cooking meals for the week, and layout out a freelance client's web site, I'll have time to whip up some of these. I have the fabric picked out and ready to go ...


Alison said...

Well, I'm glad you enjoy your job - maybe you can listen to audio books while you commute?

evie said...

Bravo -- on all fronts, Hashi!!

Ian's Robe, the potholders, the restaurant review, and everything else you have made time to create!

You are a treasure. evie xo