Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22

One of the gifts I sent to my fabulous sister at Christmas was a set of photobooth postcards. She is mailing them back to me with narrative on the back. Here's the delightful story so far."While Delma, Selma and Zelma showed off their Xmas hats, Wilma smiled warmly, knowing in her heart that her little kiss curl made her the cutest woman at the party."

"Selma's friends all wanted to show off their nifty hats too. All, except for Myrtle and her little sister, Sally. No-one had told them it was a hat party. They put on a collective brave face, while secretly lusting over June's little crocheted number."

I have such a neat sister.


Rhonda said...

I'm going to lend Nettie my DVD of Ameli so she can see what someone else does with photo booth photos of unknown people. Great present and how nice to get it back!

Dionne said...

That's so cute, Hashi! How fun!

Louise said...

The postcards are great but are they really unknown?? I think the woman on the first card in the bottom left hand corner looks just like you!