Friday, March 13, 2009

Call from the mall

"Hashi? It's Lauren. I'm at the mall with my friends and I was wondering if I could get my allowance in advance. I need money now. I can do my chores when I get home on Sunday."
"Actually, no, you won't have time on Sunday. I'm picking you up from your Mom's and we're going straight to the theatre. We'll get home after your bedtime."
"Well next weekend's allowance then."
"You're at your Mom's next weekend too."
"Well I can do my chores as soon as I get home next weekend, before our Sunday dinner guests arrive."
"Sorry, honey, I'm not paying you in advance for work you may or may not do in ten days."
"But you don't understand, because you weren't raised by a mother who took you to the mall and spent thousands of dollars on you all your life! I am with my friends and they are already buying things! I can't go to the mall without buying something! I just can't!"
"Well, now sounds like a good time to get over that."
"You don't understand! It's not something I can control!"
"Well, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to give you any money now."
"Oh whatever. Forget it."


Julie Oakley said...

Love it - and I'm with you.

nettie said...

Ahhh. Parenthood.

Anonymous said...

Teen upset with firm limits:
Teen without firm limits:
-Unbearable.To self and others...

Rhea said...

Sounds strangly familiar...

Meg said...

That cracks me up... got me a little worried about when my babydoll grows up!

Anyway, just thought you might like to know that target is selling tim tams now! They are under the pepperridge farm name. So instead of Arnotts tim tams they are pepperridge farm tim tams. I've just eaten an entire packet...

FREAK OUT!!!!!!!

Carolyn Mader said...

I'm nowhere close to that age with my kids. I love that she just can't control it! Too funny. :) You were good at holding your ground--congrats!

Karen said...

Attagirl, Hashi! You're doing the right thing.
I'll bet you got a lot of sighs later, didn't you? Good for you for holding your ground.