Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16

I made three more tops last week; two refashions, and one from scratch. Boosted by a couple of pairs of lightweight jeans from the op shop, my summer wardrobe is almost complete.On a completely different note ... some bees moved into the compost bin last Saturday. The landlord (who tries to never hire a professional to do anything, and who happened to be in our backyard working on the sprinkler system at the time) suggested we cover the bin with a large plastic bag and seal it up with tape, in the hopes that (a) the bees inside would die and (b) the others would go away.
It turns out that bees are more persistent than that. They're not going anywhere. It's time to call a professional.


nettie said...

Have you hemmed the jeans?

Hashi said...

Nettie, they don't need hemming. They're the perfect length :-)