Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 17 ~ Sisters Day

My big sister and I invented Sisters Day a decade or so ago. We semi-arbitrarily picked this date, as being not-too-close to other family celebrations. We exchange small gifts, as yet another way to say "I love you, and I love being your sister."

Lucky me! This year she indulged our mutual love of tea towels, to treat me to some wonderful hand screen printed linen cloths by {her} local artist Megan Jackson, "inspired by the unique shapes, textures and colours of the rural Australian landscape." I love that the top one seems to depict an enlarged dental xray. After all, isn't the kitchen all about what goes into the mouth?


nettie said...

I like the wire fencing one! Thank you for being my sister. Love you!

Louise said...

What a great idea. Megan, Irene and I get together for 'significant' birthdays (one coming up in November). Irene and her family have moved from Adelaide to Yass for some more family support. There's nothing like a sister, is there? By the way Matthew (22) has started his PhD at MIT in Boston. So now I have TWO blogs to check!