Tuesday, December 29, 2009


A delicious holiday project, finished tonight: creating a grimoire, as a prop for The Vampire Diaries.


Anonymous said...

Hey, could you post more pictures of the grimoire? Please? :)

GrimoireFan said...

Hey, I love the grimoire in the Vampire Diaries. I was wondering if you could make me a replica - I'm a big fan and would love it if you could make me one. if you're interested, please contact me on my email address. Please do not make the grimoire before contacting me as I would like to negotiate price with you. Thank you.

GrimoireFan said...

I'm so sorry, I forgot to give you my contact details:


sylvia Graf said...

Please send me the grimoire to. sylviagraf1011@googlemail.com

Steven Nguyen said...

I love your work it's so amazing if you could make me a replica it would be my dream
And one question to do all the pages have spell in them

Contact me at: OMGStevenNguyen@gmail.com