Wednesday, March 08, 2006

March 8

I stopped eating meat a few months ago, and now I think I'm protein-deprived. I have a headache nearly every day, and I'm very often hungry. I need to examine my diet and make sure I'm getting enough types and quantities of the nutrition my body needs. Because something's not going right.


didi said...

I have often thought about getting out the crayons when a headache hits, wondering if I could create something interesting. One frustrating part of having a headache is that you forget your good ideas! Have you tried to 'draw' your headache?

Hashi said...

I'd love to see some "migraine art" from you, didi. What a great idea.

Kathleen Marie said...

YIKES! I hope you start feeling better again soon! I do like the colors of this background. ;)

Marie-Dom said...

I know how you feel! But drawing when I've got a migraine is not possible..I only want to die then. Drawing the migraine afterwards is not a cheerful prospect because it brings back such memory of pain...ugh..
Your pic is very expressive and I also love the colours of the background. I love drawing on coloured backgrounds and pre-paint pages of my sketchbook in advance... I find the white page quite daunting.
I really like what you've done here.