Friday, December 22, 2006

December 22

Tonight we were child-free and Josh wasn't working and we weren't exhausted, so we decided to go out after dinner and see a movie for the first time in, oh, forever. We left a little early so I could scope out Restoration Hardware for a possible birthday gift for Dad. (Yes, sister, I know that his birthday is nearly a month away -- don't roll your eyes.) They didn't have anything perfect, so we checked a few other stores with similarly dismal results before heading into the theater. We had tickets for Casino Royale, which is not a new release, so we thought it would be safe to get there right at the scheduled start time. WRONG! The only remaining seats were in the front row, so we asked for a refund and instead went to a mediocre chain restaurant for dessert. The waitress was so fast in bringing our order that I only had time to sketch two of our fellow patrons.

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