Wednesday, December 06, 2006

December 6

Played in Illustrator with my new favourite icon. I'm loving it.


littlemithi said...

This is stunning! I've just browsed through your blog and found the collage with the original piece of lace, and all the different pieces of artwork that the inspiration has generated. Lovely!

Lindsay said...

Hashi, I hope you don't mind but your christmas cards really inspired me to do something with ribbon. I have an ode to you on today's post here:

I love these new card designs expecially the ones at the top. You are really experimental lately! Loveing what you are doing.

Lindsay said...

Hashi, we have to stop meeting like this.;-)
I used gross grain ribbon 30" long and gathered it in a large zig zag to get it to look wiggly. The rest I"m sure you know how to do!
Thanks for the compliment!

Alison said...

great idea and development