Saturday, June 02, 2007

June 2

Evie, Lauren and I did Walk 17 from Walking L.A., exploring the Carthay Circle and South Carthay neighbourhoods just south of Beverly Hills. These Historic Preservation Overlay Zones are filled with well-maintained Spanish Colonial Revival-, Tudor Revival-, and American Colonial Revival-style homes. Here's one of many entrance ways that appealed to me.

I'm really loving how, through this book, I'm discovering all sorts of beautiful and interesting neighbourhoods in this city. Not that I can afford to live in most of them. We spotted a small, unattractive fixer-upper in Carthay Circle going for a mere million bucks. One can dream.


david said...

This is a very nice drawing; I am really enjoying tuning in every day to see what's here.

Can I request that you do some portraits (including self)?

ksklein said...

and in case you need a partner for the portrait party, just let me know. :)

Hashi said...

Hi David, thanks for being a regular visitor. I like that! Portraits are something I need to work on, so thanks for the push. Stay tuned.

Penny said...

Great front door, I am envious of your explorations.