Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 16

Today Lauren and I spent the day at a Wild Foods Workshop in Topanga Canyon with Sunny Johnson. We had a blast. I'm no botanical illustrator; my sketches and notes are intended to back up my photographs, so I can remember some of the things Sunny taught us as we walked. The thing I liked best about the day (besides the learning, and the delicious food -- the miso soup with our gathered wild greens was to die for) was seeing Lauren just PLAY all day with a bunch of kids, running around in the bush, catching frogs, swinging in a hammock, riding a tyre swing, dressing up in a silly clothes, getting dirty and exhausted. It's what being a kid is MEANT to be like. No Disney channel anywhere in sight. Just real life. It was great.


Jana Bouc said...

It sounds like a wonderful day and the photo of Lauren (?) is priceless! She looks like a little Pippi Longstocking (my alter ego as a child...and maybe still!). It was great catching up on your blog. I really like your sort of naturalist's guide to your local area--finding nature in the city-- and the wonderful drawings.

caseytoussaint said...

It sounds like a wonderful time - and I agree with you about kids having 'real' experiences. Those are the ones they remember when they get older. I love your plant illustrations as well.