Sunday, November 04, 2007

November 4

Wow, I have gotten so much done today. Amazing what I can achieve when the family's out and I don't do any housework. I finished transcribing and analysing the tape of my last ASL test, then I studied four chapters of Linguistics for an exam on Wednesday, and then I started sewing again.

Today's output (so far…): two tissue holders (these take five minutes each, including sewing on the buttons) and …
…a cloth shopping bag inspired by this tutorial. Mary Beth is using hers for a lunch bag, but I'm going to use mine for groceries. The thing I like about it is that it can roll up and sit snugly inside its own handle, like so:
I want something I can leave in the bottom of my handbag for those times when I'm standing at the checkout and realise that I left my totes the car. I'll test drive this baby, and if it works well, I'll make several more.

Later: it's past 10pm and I'm finally ready to stop. After dinner I made this bath mat …
… based on this tutorial. The guys were fairly unimpressed so this might go in the Christmas boutique if neither of them are begging to have it in their bathroom. I think it's adorable, myself.


supa said...

Wow, that looks fantastic! Thanks for letting me see how it came out.

Becky said...

I ran into your comment and then your flicker pics and all your lovely work through Sew Mama Sew. Isn't this month long sew-a-thon a fun one?

Anyway, somewhere I saw a reference to a "one hour craft" site. Do you have a link for that?

Thanks. Your sewing is beautiful. And you work fast!