Tuesday, November 06, 2007

November 6

I went to the thrift store in the hopes of finding some chenille for this project (buying materials second hand doesn't count, right?) Sadly, there was no bedspread or robe waiting for me, though the dollar rack did have quite a few garments offering themselves up for the patchwork top of the impending baby blanket.

I was also delighted to find these two Crate and Barrel placemats ($1.50 for the pair) which, when combined with a previously thrifted silk runner…

…became this bag.

And, as a bonus, while scrabbling around in my button box, I found one of those snap bolt thingies I was mentioning in my last post, so I can make the little sack for yesterday's bag now.

Ah, life is good. If only I could make a living doing this!

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