Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 20

Major brownie points for Josh today. Not only did he clean the bathroom and vacuum the house (without being asked), he showed up with this bookcase in the afternoon (though I admit to some major hint-dropping -- some might say 'nagging' -- on this count). Having bought about 200 second-hand books in the last four months, I am in urgent need of about 20 linear feet of shelving. (Those precarious piles all over the floor in my studio are starting to get to me.) This is a Very Nice start. When we're a little more flush, we'll get two more like this. Doesn't it look right at home already?

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Penny said...

Looks great, I know what you mean about books, where we were in San Diego there were 2 2nd hand places, I dearly wanted to buy lots but the weight was getting too much so we bought one!! On Californian roadside flowers which John has been having a lovely time working out what he saw.