Sunday, January 03, 2010

January 3

I've needed a new bag in the worst way for quite some time, but have been stymied by looking for the perfect pattern and fabric. Last night I just couldn't take my old ratty one out with me, so whipped up this one based on a design in Amanda Soule Blake's book. I absolutely love it. It's slouchy and soft but not too limp, and the straps are just the right length. Sure, it has no pockets, and it's not big enough for all my crap, but it works! And, did I mention, I love it! A timely reminder to not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Then, this morning, still on a Soulemama roll, I made a couple of mouse pads. I'm going back to work tomorrow, and taking this one with me. It is a vast improvement over the sad and dirty piece of neoprene that currently sits on my desk.

The new year's shaping up pretty damn fine!


Michelle said...

Ooh! That bag and the mousemat are fab! I might have to make the mousemat for myself - the one I have was inherited from a former staff and I think it should be tested for micro-whatevers in a lab! Ew!

evie carling said...

Hey! Good on you -- again, Hash! 'glad the bag worked out for now.

Happy Return-To-Work-With-Cheer-Day to you! Perhaps we'll catch up another day this week. Hug.

Angela said...

Love the mousepad! The bag is lovely too...hope you are well Hashi. Miss your dinners and friends - Angela

Kate said...

I love the bag and the mousepad is pretty awesome.

deb did it said...

love LOVE this mouse!