Monday, March 15, 2010

March 14

Lauren + me + Lola + Lynne (Lo/Ly) spent the day at Dana Point, enjoying a sunny spring day by the ocean.

First we christened the picnic blanket I made Lo/Ly for Christmas, then Lauren and I went out whale watching while the others slumbered on the beach.

We saw California Grey Whales and a Fin Whale and a large pod of dolphins. We felt bad about chasing after the whales, as they were obviously trying to avoid the paparazzi. But the dolphins -- well, they seem to love the attention. What fabulous creatures!

I'm so happy that we went. Whale watching has been on my list for years.

Now I'm thinking ahead to my birthday early next month, and wondering what else I might do off my list that day (and the following weekend). I'll be home alone, so my options are wide open.

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