Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New York, New York

Sometimes you really do get what you want. Last weekend, the girl got what she had been dreaming of for years ... a trip to New York.

After my business was done, it was all about what she wanted to do. Broadway (Billy Elliot -- fabulous!), Juilliard (she has aspirations!), Radio City Music Hall (the Stage Door Tour is really cool, do it!), 5th Ave stores (yawn), Central Park, Times Square, Lady Liberty. Sadly, there was little time for my preferences (art museums, fabric shopping) but I did get to walk the High Line for the first time.

Rowing in Central Park was fun. The weather was glorious. She got blisters from the oars, but persevered anyway. I like that about her.

After seeing Billy Elliot, we came upon an impromptu dance party in the subway. The Meetles were playing old Beatles classics. A couple of people started dancing. I was maybe the fifth to join in. Soon 20 or 30 of us were dancing, while a crowd sang and clapped and filmed. Lauren refused to dance, but she pulled out the camera. It was kinda fabulous.

You can tell from this photo she is way too mature and classy for spontaneous expressions of dance in subways. Even though she is, allegedly, a dancer. Oh well, I had fun :-)


nettie said...

I LOVE that you were dancing in the subway!!

Rhea said...

If you don't want to dance at every possible opportunity (yes I mean AT), then you are not a real dancer. And I agree with aunty Nettie..

Love you mum!!!!!!