Wednesday, April 07, 2010

April 7

Today, I am fifty. Fifty! It's quite amazing to me. My gift to myself is a solo getaway in a secluded Big Sur cabin.

The instructions to get there are quite complicated. You have to call them from Hearst Castle (70 miles south) because after that your cell phone won't work. This gives them your ETA. Then, at a specific mile marker near the turnoff, you can get a cell signal so you have to call again from there to confirm your arrival. You then drive down an unmarked side street for a couple of miles, and meet this guy.
This is John. He led the way up a dirt road to the cabin then helped carry my stuff in, and explained the composting toilet.

The gardens around the cabin are wonderful, a perfect riot of colours and textures.

After a short nap, I hiked back down the mountain to Pfeiffer Beach.

Note the street name. I think they wanted me to keep out.

My dream home. Pacific Ocean in the background. Ooh yeah.

Wildflowers galore.

On the road to the beach is a field containing some shaggy horses. I guess a lot of people thought they were looking uncared-for, and the owners had to explain that they were just really really old.

I didn't stay long at the beach; I wanted to get back up the mountain before sunset.

After a spot of dinner, I'm cozied up in bed with a book and some knitting, happy as a clam.


nettie said...

Ahh, the serenity. Happy secluded birthday holiday.

Penny said...

Happy Birthday, a bit late, sounds wonderful, love Penny

don't touch the props said...

Glorious!! Enjoy your getaway. My only fear is you may never come home. At least I would understand!