Friday, April 09, 2010

April 9

Last morning at the cabin. I could hear bees, birds, and a far-off rooster. No cars. No sirens. No police helicopters. I need to spend more time like this.

But more adventures awaited. I packed up my stuff and headed north to visit an infrequent blogger but awesome woman in Santa Cruz.

On the way I stopped at the lovely Don Dahvee Park in Monterey and hiked the short creekside trail. So pretty!

I felt right at home at Doña's. We chatted and knitted and prepared food for a potluck supper, then went out to see Patty Griffin with a bunch of Doña's vivacious and interesting friends. This was worth rejoining civilization for :-)


donab said...

Oh, my house looks lovely through your lens. Even the paneled wall. :) I so much enjoyed your visit!

Kirse said...

HI Hashi!
I loved the PHotos of Donas place on your blog! so cool!

Also she sent me this quote* off your blog (which I could not find) and wondered if I could borrow for mine .

Great to have you join us for Patty!

Enjoy today