Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ready to mail!

Gift pile
The overseas gifts are wrapped, boxed, and ready to mail. Except for writing out all those customs declarations. Ack, I hate that part.

Stitched and stamped gift tags I wanted a simple color scheme, and scored a big roll of white paper for free. It helps to have friends with web printing presses :-) Red ribbon and stitched and stamped tags were all that was needed to complete the Christmas look. I have several miles of paper left over, so I think I'll be using it for years to come. While I prefer to wrap in re-usable cloth, this year I really didn't want to spend any money on the wrapping, not even for thrift store sheets. So when the free paper came my way, I went with it. It was headed for the recycle bin; this way it just got used before recycling :-)

Snakes and Ladders One last photo of the Snakes and Ladders game/quilt. After playing with it, I realized I had the orientation wrong. To make the direction of play obvious, I embroidered "go" and "whoa" in the start and finish squares (click to enlarge), and added felt triangles at the end of rows. They really help when you go up a ladder or down a snake, to figure out which way to continue playing. Now it's all boxed up and ready for a long journey.



Julie Oakley said...

I love the snakes and ladders mat. Absolutely gorgeous. And the packaging of your Christmas presents – inspirational.

africanaussie said...

What lovely packaging! someone is going to love that snakes and ladders game :)

nettie said...

The gifts looks so great all piled up there. Meanwhile... back here... knitting, knitting, knitting ;)

nettie said...

Oh and by the way, any gifts for E's and J's families can come here. Dad's too - cos he's on the road.

Hashi said...

Nettie, yep, I put all of them in your box. Geoff's too.

Rhea said...

I can't wait to get mine now!! They all look so good piled up like that. You make simple look gorgeous xoxo