Monday, April 11, 2011

New place

While I can't fully move into my new place for a couple of weeks, I was able to set up my sewing room/office today. The room has two doors and two windows, which limit the wall space, but I think I've made things fit without being too crowded.

The trick is to have the two tables sharing one chair. Let's see how functional it turns out to be. I have a large order of baby pants to make, so I'll be running the room through its paces over the next few evenings.

For now, I'm loving the lovely light, and the wood floors. Oh, and that everything's clean and organized. Of course it'll stay that way, right?


Elke said...

beautiful, hashi! very nice!

SEWN said...

I love all the light you're getting in there. It's gorgeous. Welcome home!

nettie said...

What a fabulous new work area. All that Californian sunlight will do wonders for your creativity, I'm sure. Happy sewing in your new space.

Oh, and for future reference, there's a lovely sunny room at beautiful Greenleigh that could be a Hashi work room one day. Just sayin'.

beki said...

It looks like such a nice space! I, too, amd loving the floors and the light. It seems to have lots of character :)

Wendee said...

Wishing you lots of natural light to sew and write by. And don't those floors look lovely? I can imagine the feel of them, still cool in the mornings, and warmed by the sun in the afternoons. May the new place comfort and inspire you! xox