Saturday, October 14, 2006

October 14

I had to smile when commentors on a recent post asked how I ended up with all those mittens. You might also ask how I ended up with a [fake, life-size] severed foot. The answer is the same -- my husband is a prop master. We have a LOT of weird and wonderful and useless stuff in our garage and storage units.

His latest gig is a new cable show that features a lot of body parts. He had a few spare feet hanging around this week, so he brought them home. It is, after all, nearly Halloween.


clearmark said...

It was surprised.
Afterwards, I often saw. The fingernail expands.
Thank you for the comment.

Tui said...

can I have It??

Tui said...

Love you..Just jokes..

pacoandfriends said...

Wow freaky, but cool lol. Luv the drawing of the severed foot and the color red showing.