Saturday, November 25, 2006

November 25

Walk 3 from Walking L.A. explores the office parks and fringe light industrial areas of south east Santa Monica in and around Bergamot Station. (My favourite haunts there are the Gallery of Functional Art and Hiromi Paper.) I love the colours in this shot, and the way the painted wall echoes the hue of the Boston Ivy berries. You can see all the photos here. I went a little hog wild photographing numbers -- there were so many cool ones! While the book touts the many nice eateries on the route, none of them were open on a Saturday morning. We ended up driving downtown after our walk for pizza at CPK. Could I possibly put more links in one post??


Anonymous said...

Once again, a super depiction of the day, Hashi. Annette, in case you are reading this, again, kudos to you for blessing us with this book. Not only is it allowing Hashi and I to see the many parts of LA we might not have normally taken the time to tour, but it has allowed us to keep current with one another and have been enjoying the ritual of the connection. This book is a very, very treasured gift!

Hashi, I so enjoy your postings...Thank you for reminding me to check you out!

..and there is our answer about Bergamot! I knew it was an herb or a flower of some sort, as I have smelled Bergamot tea....Cool. I have learned a lot today -- even a new word!

Evie xo

Lindsay said...

Hashi, I want to tell you your cards inspired me to create my own. I"m using fabric (in a diferent way than yours) to create xmas wreaths. I'll post when ready. THANKS!

Ester said...

what a beautiful photo! This is really gorgeous. It reminds me some of my short time in Portland during the summer when ivy grows prominently on the freeways and climbs sides of buildings. Beautiful!

wagonized said...

The colors here are amazing. I checked out the other pics and smiled when i saw the pictures of the numbers -- i took hundreds of numbers on the buildings in the streets of Brussels when i lived there. Some of them are so photogenic and full of humor!
Oh, and i can't believe you had a Morris Major! How cool!

suzanne said...

This photo is beauuuuutiful! It is so peaceful.