Friday, January 26, 2007

January 26

Nineteen years ago, while the rest of the country was parading and barbecuing, I was celebrating Australia Day in the labour ward of Gold Coast Hospital. What a great day that was. When her father first held our third child, he gazed at her, then at me, and whispered in awe, "She's perfect!" Happy birthday, darling Rhea.


david hibsher said...

Very nice picture! Is it recent? Is it taken in the States or Australia?

Wow, can it be that Rhea was only 3 or 4 when I met her in '91?

Hashi said...

David, it was taken in Australia last September. And yes, Rhea was 3 when you first met her. I still remember how she watched you take a shower!!!!

david hibsher said...

oh! that's right...I had forgotten about the shower. My most vivid memory of your kids from that visit was me encouraging Jessie to finish washing the dishes by making a bet with him that he couldn't finish them in 20 minutes, then every time he started talking endlessly to me, I looked at the clock and said "tick! tick! tick!" and how that got him to finish the dishes on time.