Sunday, January 28, 2007

January 28

The eighth and last pattern in John Murphy's book, Stupid Sock Creatures. I think this one's my favourite so far. Now I'm ready to branch out into my own designs. I like making them because (a) they're fast: about two hours from go to whoa when entirely stitched by hand (b) they're free (well, OK, I did go to Big Lots a few days ago and get some dollar pairs of socks) and (c) they elicit smiles from myself and others. What's not to love?


Felicity said...

'From go to whoa' I love it! He's amazing, they must look great all together!

Renate said...

Ha! I'm much into bookmaking at the moment, but now I know what I'll do next :)
This one is really cute. But I'm looking forward to see your own creatures.

Alison said...

This reminds me of a stupid creature I won at the Canberra show. 5 minutes later Tor snapped his arm clean through on the bouncy castle and we had to go straight to hospital. The silly thing became his beloved comforter, Potato, and he still has him. It doesn't take much, does it - to hook us! :)