Saturday, July 21, 2007

July 21

We got the CarFax report (clean), we looked in Kelley Blue Book (our potential purchase seemed a little underpriced), we found out the trade-in value of the truck (not too much less than the car we wanted), we decided what deal we'd settle for, and Josh went back this morning and got the car, a little Scion XB. We ended up paying $500 more than we wanted to, but $2500 less than their starting point. It's done. We should now be able to save at least $500 a month in fuel, which will REALLY help the budget. Whew!

Then Evie and I did Walk 23 from Walking LA. This route is all about the mansions of Hancock Park/Windsor Square. There's some OLD money there. These are not your movie stars' homes, hidden behind high walls. They are, Evie tells me, very reminiscent of large old homes "back east." She herself grew up in an enormous, 250 year old house in New Jersey. We saw some really lovely places, including this Victorian mansion that looks a little like a haunted house. You can see all the photos here.


Alison said...

Wow, Josh must drive a lot of miles. We just worked out we now only spend about $Aus120 per month on fuel. Well, I 'm glad you found a way to ease the difficulty. Life plods along the same here - just minor dramas, such as Mum wanting to wear her new hot pink long johns with lace cuffs over her trousers - otherwise no trousers at all, just the long johns!

Plain Jane said...

hey good job on the financial solution/help idea! I too, HATE going into car lots, and aren't you lucky to have gotten out so quickly with what you wanted. good work!

Penny said...

We cant get away with no car and really need two being so far from town, but still making do, droughts take about 2 years to clear, and we just hope this year is ok.