Sunday, July 01, 2007

June 30

In the morning, Evie and I explored Lower Beachwood Canyon in the Hollywood Hills. I love all the staircases we're discovering. This one leads up to a mansion formerly owned by Barbara Stanwyck. The current resident apparently asserts it is 'very haunted.' You can see all the photos of our walk here.

In the evening Josh, Lauren, Lola and I took part in an LA institution: Sing-a-long Sound Of Music (and costume parade) at the Hollywood Bowl. This also takes place in various other parts of the world on an annual basis.

I made friends with a five-year-old girl sitting near me. She asked me to draw her, then said she hated her jacket so unzipped it, then pulled it up over her head and asked me to draw THAT.

She then demanded that I draw her mother and sister, which I did, along with a few of the other 18,000 people singing, cheering, and heckling gustily as the movie played out. Fun night.

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ksklein said...

the staircase pic is beautiful.
i stayed in los angeles only for 3 months(san fernando valley) but everytime i see pics of la, i get homesick :(