Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 22

There's an RV in my neighbourhood that's been for sale for at least as long as we've lived here (3+ years). It gets the occasional use -- every now and then it disappears for the weekend -- but mostly it's just parked in the street making the turn from Galt onto McLaren a little more difficult.


martha said...

This made me smile! I like the way it reaches across the spread, which emphasizes it's size.

Plain Jane said...

Where I live, you can't park more than 72 hours in one spot...not the case in your hood, huh?
Nice drawing and not an easy subject. I love how you're doing so much drawing!

Penny said...

Surprised they are allowed to park there for that time too. Here if it is over a certain lenght you cant park at all. nice drawing.