Sunday, September 23, 2007

The L-word

I am feeling somewhat relieved by Penny's comment a few days ago. Heck, yeah, getting a degree is more important than daily blogging. Thank you, Penny. Not sure why I needed your validation, but it helped.

Here is tonight's drawing effort. Lauren has a current school project (due Tuesday) to produce a page (written and illustrated) on each of five L-animals and five L-plants. After quite a bit of angst over the assignment during the last two weeks, she came home from Mom's place this afternoon with all the writing done (no questions asked over who did the majority of the work).

She requested my assistance on the illustrations, so I had a crack at them, and she copied my scratches. Here is the result of our collaborative efforts.



Very good effort if you ask me. Have a good day. connie from Texas

Penny said...

Gosh Hashi, I thought the L word was the last word! No blogs for ages, but then I did give you leave to go and get your degree and it just isnt fair to have too many things going at once. Will drop in again to see how you are going.