Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September 18

Since starting school a few weeks ago, every spare minute is spent, not sketching, but studying. Today in my lunch break I didn't saunter forth for sketchersize ... oh no. I sat in my car and read a research paper on the woeful quality of educational interpreters, madly highlighting as I went, so I can write a five page summary. I get home from work, cook dinner (studying while things steam and roast) then as soon as we've eaten I hit the books again. Thus my intermittent posting. I'm still drawing every day, but as you can see I'm not spending a great deal of time on it. If you want some really lovely art, go check out Julie's pictures. Then come back here next week. Gotta go.


Penny said...

Go Hashi, a degree is of more importance than trying to blog every day, but I like you collection of heads.

beki said...

Well, your time in school is only temporary. You'll get through it. Good for you for getting your degree! Education is so valuable.