Sunday, January 13, 2008

January 13

I've been working on a Secret Project this past week, which I can't post until the recipient (who reads this blog) unwraps it on his or her special day. I've made a few other things in the meantime: another hackysack, and another beanie.Today Josh and I visited the Will Rogers State Historic Park on our way home from doing a little work at his school. This park has been on my "list" for oh, ten years, and I was finally pushed to go by reading this article in the paper the other day. We hiked the 2-mile loop trail and I recalled anew how much I LOVE hiking. Today was such a glorious day, too. 84°F/29°C in the middle of winter. Gotta love SoCal weather. I pocketed these three gumnuts as I walked, and when I got home noticed that they have four, five, and six "petals" respectively. What are the chances of that?
Then I made meat pie for dinner, including the crust from scratch. A very good Sunday, it was. How was yours?


didi said...

A secret project, eh? Hmmmm.

Penny said...

My Sunday was great Hashi, thank you. Now for some serious stuff, John and I have been given an all expenses trip with the dairy company we supply and we will be in LA around the 12th of April for about 2 to 3 days on our own before heading down to San Diego, I do not have the final itinery yet, but I remember you did some walks last year and wondered if you would mind if I got in touch with you about a few things, LA looks so huge. If you go to either of my blogs you can find my email address I think.

Lola...again said...

MMMMMmmmmm Meat pie! That looks like a photo from a recipe book!

Plain Jane said...

ah a wonderful day indeed. I've been to Will Rogers park too, years ago. LOVE those 'gumnuts.' Aren't they eucalyptus pods?
Happy New Year Hashi!