Thursday, January 31, 2008

January 31

In anticipation of starting a new job very soon, I made myself a lunch bag. This puppy is BIG. Big enough to hold my large square lunch-salad-sized plastic container. And a bunch of fruit, veggies, cottage cheese and high fibre bars on top. And a water bottle. Because when I start this new job, I'll be EATING RIGHT! I've heard that new employees at this company gain 15 pounds in the first six months, because of all the free, bad, food there. But not me, no-siree. I'll be LOSING fifteen pounds, all thanks to my new lunch bag that's large enough to hold a day's worth of healthy eating. Ignore the disbelieving expression on the button. You'll see.


didi said...

And every day, your handsome new lunch bag will also remind you of your sister and the fun day we both had, shopping for vintage fabric in Santa Barbara last May. Remember our Eureka moment, finding the corner with all the gorgeous stuff, and shoo-ing away any other potential customers, until our arms could hold no more goodies.

Hashi said...

Ahh yes, didi ... what a lovely day that was ... do come back soon!

Sandra ;) said...

Great lunchbag, and great "resolution"! Best of luck :)