Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 18

I am sitting here, awed, amazed, blown away, touched to the core, by what arrived in the mail today.


Yes, I have here a Misty Mawn original, gifted to me, along with two CDs of her favourite music, which I am listening to and loving.

This art is SO much more gorgeous, delicate, and, well, just astounding, in the flesh, so textural (I touch it gently, as if it were a butterfly wing). I am bursting with the blessing of it.

::: deep sigh of joy :::


Tui Cook said...

OOOHHHH Mum it's beautiful!!
YOu're very lucky to own this (and know such a powerfully creative person!) Wow!
Btw: Jai is waiting for your call..
Or should we call you? Regardless, talk to you on the weekend.
Love you endlessly!

misty said...

so sweet of you to post it. xo

Penny said...

Lucky you, I love her work.
I also like the deep apron but having just been to a messy painty workshop i could do with one with a bib as well!!