Monday, June 09, 2008

June 9

I have a long commute to work (75 to 90 minutes) but it's very pretty. I've been meaning to take my camera with me for ages, and at last today I did.
Ever since meeting Misty, I have wanted to show her how the colors I see at the beach each morning remind me of her. Don't you agree?

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misty said...

sighhhhhhhhh. so lovely. Do you know how much i wish i could be there right now??? I miss the water, the waves, the rocks, the sand, the breeze... I am very much looking forward to being back in PA this summer just to get to the lake, it is so much like the ocean, but better in the summer, it's never too busy and there are SO many great treasures to find.
I was with my friend yesterday and I pulled out your bag, she loved it so much and was ooohing and ahhhing...and wondering how in the world you made it. I do love it so much. thank you!
the beach pictures are so nice. xo