Thursday, November 27, 2008

November 27

Josh and the kids left town for Thanksgiving, and I got a LOT of sewing etc done, most of which I can't display here. Once Christmas is out of the way I will return to more frequent blogging, I hope. I might even start drawing again. That would be good.

About four weeks ago I gave my family the url for the Christmas Boutique (a fickr site where I posted photos of all the gifts I had made throughout the year), and asked them to select what they wanted. Some folks asked for variations on the color schemes shown, and a few asked for things I hadn't thought to make. This has kept me busy for the past month, but at last I have all the overseas gifts ready to wrap and mail tomorrow (the deadline for arrival in Australia before Christmas, I'm told).

One brother and his kids requested hacky sacks in specific colors, which entailed dying yarn. Always fun!

The O.S. cards have already been mailed; the US ones are going out on Monday.

So now I just have the US family's gifts to complete. I plan to make some baby shoes, a baby wrap, a nursing cover-up, a knitted beret, a quilt, and some fingerless gloves. Better get to it!!!


Plain Jane said...

you are a christmas present/cheer making machine! wow. I'm impressed!!

deb did it said...

December Views brought me to your beautiful blog! I am in love with your sewing style! Thanks for I gotta get the book!