Monday, December 01, 2008

December views, day 1

Sometimes the blurry shots are the best.
The Malibu tunnel on the way to work all aglow.

My friend Shawna visited me at my desk to sip tea and update me on her Thanksgiving.

The planetary alignment on the way home got me excited. I took this on the evening commute with the camera resting on the roof of the car, but decided I really needed a tripod. So as soon as I got home I gathered up the family and tripod and we went looking for high ground. By then too much time had elapsed; Venus and Jupiter had slipped too low in the sky to be seen from our vantage point.

So I took more blurry shots of the fairy lights.

A good day. Happy December!


nettie said...

In the southern hemisphere we had a lovely funny smiley face in the sky.

blisswarrior said...

i love the tunnel lights!

lissa said...

I like the blurry shot, quite nice