Saturday, February 21, 2009

February 21

Before I met Josh, I lived with a beautiful, hyper, talkative night owl named Gina.One day she called Salvation Army and arranged for them to pick up some furniture we were giving away. When the truck arrived, she noticed this statue in the back.
She suspected I would like it, so asked the driver if she could have it. He was a bit hesitant, because he was not meant to give stuff away. It was all meant to go back to the store, where it would be priced and sold.

But Gina was (and still is) beautiful and persuasive, so he gave it to her. And she left it on my art table, with no explanation. And it was there when I came home.

And every day it reminds me of her wonderfulness, and the lovely nine months in which we shared that house with the wood floors and fireplace and toilets that didn't work properly. Those were good days.

Thank you, Gina.

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rhea said...

I miss gina too..