Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 12

After saying a reluctant farewell to La Posada, we began the journey back west.

First stop was Montezuma Well. This oasis lake is fed daily by over a million gallons of warm water. No wonder the Sinagua made their homes in the canyon walls. But why did they suddenly depart?

Then on down the road to Montezuma Castle. Wow. Thanks to the generous overhang, this is one of the best preserved cliff dwellings in America. Go there. It's amazing.

Next stop was Tuzigoot National Monument. Can you tell my annual National Parks pass was getting a good workout? I love this picture of sister and Dad.

It was now early afternoon, and time to find our B&B. By the time we checked in, we only had a few hours to sample the natural delights of Sedona. After a visit to Kachina House to pick up some very reasonably priced Native American artefacts, we opted to visit Cathedral Rock. We were not disappointed. Obviously Sedona has a huge amount to offer in the way of scenic splendour, but alas, we only had a few hours before dark. Another trip, another time.

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