Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28

Long, long ago, I started on this quilt of corduroy from thrift store clothes. I had intended it to be for our bed, but somewhere along the way I decided to give it to Ian instead. By Christmas time it was stitched and basted, but not quilted or bound. I wrapped it up and gave it to him, then took it back to complete it. Finding someone willing to machine quilt it turned out to be problematic, but in the end Shawna's stepmother did a great job at a fabulous price.

Then finally, today, I finished binding it, nearly 15 months after the day I started.

Some things are worth the wait.


xona said...

this looks AMAZING! i'd love to steal this when he's no longer using it :)

nettie said...

It's fabulous.

deb did it said...

this quilt is warm and inviting....oh how much I love this!

Beth Grim said...

Oh, your quilt is so beautiful! I love cordoury and have quite a stash of it, but am never quite sure what to make out of it. This quilt should last a long time! The quilting pattern really enlivens the surface; nice work.