Sunday, June 07, 2009

June 7

Lately it feels like my life is coming unravelled. When I start asking myself several times a week, "What am I doing here?" I know it's time to hit the reset button. This coming week includes four days of business travel which throws the family completely off-kilter. I'm only hoping that the enforced time-out will give me an opportunity to meditate and still the stress which is boiling my blood of late. Some reading, some sketching, some endorphin-boosting workouts, perhaps? I want to return calmer and happier than I am leaving. It's the only way that the disruption, the burden on an already-sick Josh, will have been worth it.

So I pack a camera, a journal, three novels, workout gear. Oh, and a borrowed, deliciously thin, virginal, MacBook Air. Perhaps I'll actually get the chance to blog while I'm gone. That would be nice.

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nettie said...

Reading, sketching, moving. It should all help. Oh, and sleeping.