Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19

After a couple of week's hiatus, we had plenty of friends sign up for tonight's open house dinner. Lola brought three new-to-us friends, as well as her surrogate niece, sweet baby Angelina.
With the current heat, I really wanted to serve light summery fare. The menu consisted of a tasty frittata plus various delicious salads. For the carnivores, I grilled chicken breasts.

For dessert, I kept with the light/fresh theme and served a quirky fruit salad (fresh thyme in dessert? who knew it could be so good?) alongside a terrine of sorbet.

But as always, it was not the food that shone the brightest; it was the connections, the camaraderie and the laughter. Evie cuddled little Angelina as she nodded off to sleep; her protruding tongue and sweet nature proclaiming her extra 22nd chromosome.

Sunday dinners are SO worth it.


nettie said...

Oh, I can barely wait until I can come to another Sunday night dinner. If only to see that 'out of the corner of the eye' look from HWG.

evie said...

What a wonderful evening that was, Hashi! I will cherish the moment I got to hold lil' sweet Angelina. Thank you for capturing it so beautifully.

Much love, Evie.

PS. 'enjoyed reading how you captured the night.