Sunday, July 05, 2009

July 5

One of the things I love about living in a large, cosmopolitan city is how easy it is to obtain exotic things. I decided I wanted to make this for dinner, which calls for the addition of pomegranate molasses. A visit to the Persian market down the street revealed three different brands to choose from. Love that!

Yesterday's big purchase was a new pair of thrift store jeans. The pair I've been wearing for the past year are so threadbare that they're likely to embarrass me in public one day very soon. Like the others, the new ones are too long, and as I rolled them up this morning I remembered my sister's admonition to take up my jeans properly. "You can sew! Hem them, why don't you!"

So, flush with the pomegranate molasses success, I stopped at the fabric store to buy some gold thread with which to hem my jeans. And what should I spy in the magazine rack?

I had to buy it, didn't I?


eviecarling said...

Uncanny! 'love how providence can happen if we watch for it!

Even though I couldn't be with you this evening, it looks like the Kabobs might have been yummy. Good for you. 'big fan of molasses and curious to know how Pomegranite Molasses tastes...Actually, it sounds soothing to my sore throat right now.

Love you, Good Lady. xo

nettie said...


Rhea said...

Hey, just so you know, that molasses is a good addition to some cocktails, they use it at the Rum Bar were I used to work. I know your not into alcohol much but it's something to look into for one of your exotic parties maybe.

Love you

katie said...

creative you! i would love to see a pic of you in your new-to-you-golden-thread-hemmed-jeans.

and pomegranete sounds like a magic potion, yummmm.

deb did it said...

ooh, the pomegranate molasses sounds yummie! My tongue misses the finer things about living in the big city...but I do not miss the traffic and cluster-f*&%s. So my simple country life suits me just fine, but oh how I crave sushi every morning.Please oh please send a picture of your sexy threadbare jeans!