Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 25

Tonight I made pizza on the grill. Not just any pizza, but crust-made-from-scratch with pesto-chopped-by-hand and homegrown tomatoes. I didn't intend to eat any. Oh no, it was just for Josh and Lauren. Feeling way too heavy these days, I had made myself a lovely high fibre, no-fat bean salad to enjoy in lieu of pizza. It was delicious. Truly.

But ... but ... then this temptress whispered my name. "Just one slice," it lured. "You know you want to." Mmmmmm. It was ohmygod good.

OK, two slices, but no more.

OK, three.

Let's face it. Some things are worth the calories.


Penny said...

It is cold and wet and my knee hurts and I would love to be joining in for Sunday dinner in the warmth, even though since I fell off the dining room table and wrecked my knee (ligament) I cant walk much the warmth would do all of me good, and laughter and friendship, can you guess I am feeling rather house bound?

beki said...

How could you resist??