Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24

('Scuse the crappy photo; I keep forgetting to shoot this in daylight. When it's finished I'll take a pretty shot.)

I'm attempting to turn my overflowing crate of fabric scraps (I keep every little piece) into something useful. To wit, a tablecloth-cum-picnic blanket.

It's a project I can work on when I have only ten minutes at the sewing machine, which makes it ideal for my lifestyle of late. I'm figuring I'll need 60 blocks; I have half of them done.

What I haven't figured yet is the color to frame each block, and tie it all together. White would be an aesthetically pleasing choice if this wasn't destined to have ketchup and curry spilled on it. I don't really want a dark color, because I want this to feel summery.

Maybe a sunshiny yellow. We'll see. When you indiscriminately throw every color and hue into one project, it's bound to look all over the place like a mad woman's breakfast.

But I think I'm OK with that.


deb did it said...

oh this is so yummie! I LOVE it....keep at it....and it will become such a feast for the eyes! I like the idea if sunshiny yellow to tie it all together!

Wendee said...

Gorgeous!!! I have tons of fabric (and scraps. sigh) and have been thinking of just doing a tablecloth / picnic blanket as well. Yours is very inspiring, Hashi.
'Mad woman's breakfast'? I quite like it. I'd nosh bagels with you over it, any day.