Friday, August 07, 2009

August 7

Friday night. Home alone ... ahh! I thought my weekend was mapped out, but have suddenly found that it's not.

Shawna and I had our calendars crossed, so we won't be going to the Maloof House tomorrow after all. And my very exhausted Josh (who, being a super fabulous dad, is taking Lauren to see the Jonas Bros on Saturday night) has asked that we please not have guests for dinner this Sunday.

So, after a very stressful day, these twin realizations have left me feeling very free. What to do with a suddenly open weekend?

HSL. Yes, of course. But apart from that ...
Hike. But maybe it's too hot for that. Unless I go beachward.
Sew. I've have the material for a satin camisole; that could be fun.
Paint. Time for some more faces.
Read. I just started a new book.
Garden. Harvest the Swiss Chard, cut back the tomatoes, plant some beans.

Any other suggestions?

How luscious, that I have so many choices. Life is good.

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