Friday, August 21, 2009

Where I work

It's kind of weird that I ended up in advertising. Me, who never turns a TV on. Who is at the 'starved' end of the media-exposure spectrum. Who, as a child, was forbidden to sing jingles, and had to remove the brand tags from her jeans. Somehow, I ended up working here.

The ageing surfer guy in this clip with the white hair and beard? That's my boss.

I manage the disconnect by not creating the work, merely producing it. And I work solely in print, a long-time love of mine. But still, it's kind of odd. Leaving school, I just wanted to keep chooks and grow veggies and build my own home in the country.

But I suppose, if I'm going to work for the Man, Lee Clow is a pretty good man to work for.

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