Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 15

Another brilliant flowchart, this one by Headup, spotted on Typcut.

Which brings me to the question I have been pondering of late: will I continue with Sunday dinners in 2010?

The guests keep coming, and I always end the evening happy. But perhaps, next year, I'd like to spend my Sundays somewhere else but the kitchen. Like outdoors. Our few days in Yosemite renewed my urge to camp, to hike, to be out there.

Josh is about to go away for five months (that's another story), which makes me both less and more inclined to continue with Sunday dinners. Less, because he is a big help in pulling these off, and I'm not sure I want to attempt it alone week after week. More, because I will especially welcome the adult company in his absence. And Lauren is so keen that we continue. She has offered to do all the chores that Josh now does both in prep and cleanup. Of late she's tackled the dishes alone to show me she is both willing and able to fill his shoes.

So I'm not sure. I'm thinking I will stop extending invitations, and just see how it evolves. See who calls and asks to come. Make simpler meals, maybe just vegetarian. Ask my guests to bring dessert. Give myself time to get out for much of the day, and still welcome friends for a few hours of fun and laughter in the evening.

Happy? Yes. But not sure I want to keep doing exactly what I've been doing. Going with the flow here, and seeing where we end up.


Anonymous said...

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Penny said...

Think taking things a little easier but still seeing friends is the way to go.

deb did it said...

first of all...I LOVE THE PROFILE PHOTO!! Second....go with your gut feeling....maybe take walk-about on Sundays for a few months and return next Spring!! That way, when you get sad, missing and yearning for the group, you will have a fresh season to look forward to next year.....or how about this...? First a month~?